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Tocci Engineering was formed with the goal of creating a firm that provides an unmatched level of service for projects of all sizes. We are a small firm that thinks big.

Taking our past experience with large and complex projects we have formed a company which provides hands on service and deep involvement in the project. When you hire Tocci Engineering you are getting more than an engineering firm, you are getting a world class engineer that will personally lead your project. The partner in charge of the project is intimately involved in every aspect of the design, from the kick off meeting, through the minute details of design, and through construction until the last beam is set. We recognize that our role is to provide the client and architect with every structural option available to realize the design while balancing the realities of site constraints, budgets, and practical solutions.

We are a small firm of highly qualified and experienced engineers that provide world class structural engineering.

Past Work:


Old Structures


MS UC Berkeley

BS UMass

Nat Tocci has lead the design and construction administration of numerous buildings constructed in New York City, including high rise, large academic buildings, hospitality and residential buildings. His high rise experience includes expertise in wind tunnel testing, supplemental damping, and performance based design.

Nat has earned a reputation for combining technical expertise with practical solutions and lessons learned from extensive experience in NYC construction. At his former employer Nat was one of three members of the technical advisory team that oversaw the technical standards for over 100 structural engineers across multiple offices and provided internal reviews for the most complex projects.

In addition to his technical skills Nat has overseen numerous large projects through construction in the unique NYC building environment and takes a practical approach to providing efficient buildable structures. His knowledge of local construction practices, local prices, dealing with infill lots and complex sites allow him to anticipate the best solution unique to each project in the city.

Beyond NYC Nat previously worked in San Francisco where he was involved in complex projects including buildings in regions of high seismicity and projects outside the US including tall building projects in China and Turkey.

Past Work:




MS UC Berkeley

BS Cornell

Sanya Levi has a broad range of experience ranging from unique tall building design solutions, through renovations of historic buildings, to sculptures and cultural projects. Sanya has a very strong technical background with degrees in both physics and engineering and is an extremely talented engineer.

Sanya's structural engineering experience spans across Europe, South America, USA, and Asia. Past work has included residential and commercial, tall and supertall structures in New York City, China, South Korea and Mexico.

Clients appreciate Sanya's attention to every detail of the project and hands on approach. Her interest in the success of the project and the design vision result in a level of service far beyond what most clients are accustomed to from their structural engineer.


Structural Engineering

We are structural engineers specializing in building structures, new and old, but also dabble in specialty structures, art installations, interesting doo-dads.

New Buildings

We have expertise in new building design of all sizes and types including residential, retail, commercial, hotels, and schools.


Both of our partners have designed numerous high rise (including supertall) buildings and are familiar with the unique challenges presented.


A large portion of our work consists of the investigation, repair, and modification of existing and often historic structures.


A subset of our renovation work that we are especially fond of. We have completed numerous full and partial townhouse renovations.

Other Work

Competitions, feasibility studies, investigations and reports, peer reviews, contractor engineering, bracing of existing buildings.


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